A Community Detection and Graph Neural Network Based Link Prediction Approach for Scientific Literature


This study presents a novel approach that synergizes community detection algorithms with various Graph Neural Network (GNN) models to bolster link prediction in scientific literature networks. By integrating the Louvain community detection algorithm into our GNN frameworks, we consistently enhanced the performance across all models tested. For example, integrating the Louvain model with the GAT model resulted in an AUC score increase from 0.777 to 0.823, exemplifying the typical improvements observed. Similar gains were noted when the Louvain model was paired with other GNN architectures, confirming the robustness and effectiveness of incorporating community-level insights. This consistent increase in performance—reflected in our extensive experimentation on bipartite graphs of scientific collaborations and citations—highlights the synergistic potential of combining community detection with GNNs to overcome common link prediction challenges such as scalability and resolution limits. Our findings advocate for the integration of community structures as a significant step forward in the predictive accuracy of network science models, offering a comprehensive understanding of scientific collaboration patterns through the lens of advanced machine learning techniques.

Yikun Han
Yikun Han
First Year Master Student

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